However, engineers have long understood that with any new addition to your infrastructure, there comes a trade-off; IT is no different.  Cloud-based networks can ill-afford even the most minor of downtime and maintenance.  Whether through an organization’s own network or across the Internet, the cloud is dependent upon remote systems requiring a level of technical support and rapid response previously unheard of.  For data recovery to be reliable in the event of disaster, cloud solutions demand the most absolutely solid of backup and information restoration.

And then there is the matter of data security.  At a time when trust in information integrity has been eroded, IT engineers and administrators can be understandably leery of a system that sends information abroad rather than keeping it in-house.

The consultants and engineers of Netra One Technology understand these matters.  And they are ready to assist your organization in mounting and maintaining a cloud-based solution for your information needs should you decide that one would be ideal.  We see the cloud as an opportunity for you to grasp.  We also perceive the cloud as a challenge to be aggressively met and controlled for benefit of our clients.  Netra One Technology is an authorized provider of many cloud-based network solutions.  We are driven to uphold the integrity and security of our clients’ data. Our engineers and support staff go to great lengths to be trained and certified in the latest developments of cloud technology, implementation and administration.