It is not just its geographical convenience that can be appreciated: collaboration is proving to be a highly-effective tool toward increasing an organization’s productivity, especially among IT personnel. Recent research has found that collaboration solutions are allowing project colleagues to break through barriers of language, culture, and custom. The results for an organization can go far beyond a profit margin, and the relationships that are built among team members can – and often do – prove to be an asset beyond measure.

Relationships matter between you and your customers. Again, a collaboration system can bridge the gap between traditional correspondence and personal contact. Let your customers know that they matter to your organization, with cutting-edge solutions such as face-to-face video and real-time chat. The world has embraced social media… and so should you. Your customers are people: letting them see and work with your personnel one-on-one evokes an intimate presence that will lead to long-term loyalty and satisfaction with your organization.

Netra One Technology provides an array of collaboration solutions that are suitable for any organization and any situation. We consult with you to establish your needs and to provide the necessary equipment – from conferencing cameras and audio setup to dedicated servers and optimized broadband networking – to make your collaboration system a reality. And, as always, Netra One Technology is there for you with customer support and technical assistance when you need it.

Whether you are looking for video conferencing, an interactive web presence, the most current of social media tools, or dedicated software that lets your team exchange ideas and innovations whether at home or abroad, Netra One Technology will help you develop both professional camaraderie and a competitive edge.