Paralleling the ability to collect and archive such a colossal amount of data has been a single point in the demand of hardware processing power. What once took years or even decades for data systems to organize can now be accomplished within days. Information technology administrators are finding that unlocking the fullest potential of new data systems is often as challenging as the acquiring of the data itself.

Big data represents information sets on the scale of terabytes, if not larger. It is being used to analyze everything from consumer trends and social media activity, to research in urban development and genetic modeling. And with the right tools big data can become a potent asset for an organization looking to innovate and increase productivity.

Big data demands a new approach toward information systems: brute-force power wielded with the deft finesse of a seasoned surgeon. Whether the application is commercial, a component of scientific research or a part of organizational administration, big data can yield extraordinary results given the right infrastructure and implementation.

Netra One is on the forefront of providing clients with big data solutions that will serve current needs and accommodate for future growth and development. From the initial assessment to integrating the systems and providing security and support, we are committed to working with our customers toward maximizing their information capabilities. From servers to storage to everything in between, our consultants have the expertise to help you make the most of your data across your network and beyond.